Do You Have Self-Limiting Attitudes Or Behaviors That Hold You Back from the Success You Could Achieve?

Who doesn't?


Do you often know exactly what to do, how to do it and why you should be doing it but... something inside you keeps you from taking the appropriate actions in a timely manner?...


Of course, it happens to everyone. We all procrastinate.


Well, I have some great news for you! You've come to precisely the right place to get those blocks to success quickly cleared out of your path so the way is wide open to achieve all that you want and deserve.


As a Patternologist I've specialized in eliminating these invisible blocks for nearly a quarter of a century with

  • salespeople & students
  • coaches & entrepreneurs
  • athletes & actors
  • managers & executives


Twenty four years experience has taught me that in order to be successful the individuals in each of these groups must do two things:

  1. They must eliminate procrastination;
  2. They must become effective at selling others on their ideas.


For almost anyone to become successful today in any field of endeavor, these two characteristics should be high priorities. Here at Patternology International we focus on strengthening these two areas.


We have observed over the years that one of the leading causes of procrastination is not 

being certain what to do next. Therefore, several of our programs involve internalizing information - not just learning it but absorbing it to the extent that the information automatically and immediately impacts our behavior. It's one thing to study Time Management and score 100% on a test afterward, but it is clearly another level of learning when you systematically apply what you've learned to your daily life.


The other major causes of procrastination are self-limiting emotional blocks. These show up

when people know what to do, how to do it and why and still do not perform. This is a science

unto itself. For more than two decades we have been helping people world-wide who are experiencing this type of procrastination. 



In what situations do you procrastinate?
  • As a salesperson are you not prospecting as much as you know you should?
  • As a leader, do you criticize, condemn and complain even though you know you shouldn't?
  • Do you know you should be operating from a written set of goals but you don't?
  • Do you have trouble staying focused on the goals you do set?
  • Have you discovered life-changing ideas in a book or seminar but you just can't seem to implement them?
  • Do you fail to create a written plan for tomorrow before you go to bed?
  • When you write out a plan for tomorrow, do you fail to stick to your plan?



With Patternology, it's not about learning to cope or live with the blocks. It's about identifying and elminating those invisible barriers once and for all. This process we use is called a Patternectomy™ which has led many of our clients to compare their Patternologist to a surgeon.


Most Surgeons operate with a basic three-step process: 1) An initial consultation with the client; 2) If necessary, this consult is followed by in-depth Diagnostic procedures; 3) Lastly, the surgeon performs an operation, such as an appendectomy. 


A Patternologist operates with the same basic three-step process: 1) An initial consultation with the client; 2) If necessary, this consult is followed by an in-depth diagnostic procedure; 3) Lastly, the Patternologist performs an operation to permanently remove the self-destructive attitude or behavior and this mental surgery is called a patternectomy. 


When you visit a new doctor's office you are usually asked to fill out a few forms to give the doctor some basic information before he/she meets with you. This makes the Initial Consult more effective and time efficient. For the same reasons we ask a prospective client to fill out a simple two-page Full Potential Survey (FPS) before our Initial Consultation. (See form in the right column of this page.)



We have two basic approaches to helping salespeople:


1) If you are in B2C sales and not sure you know what to do & how to do it

     ...check out our "STARS" Bootcamp for B2C Sales and learn systems and 

        techniques that will easily and effortlessly transform your sales career. 

        This is  our information program.


2) If you already know what to do & how to do it but you continue not doing it...

     ...check out our Patternology Solutions and learn to identify and eliminate

        self-limiting and self-destructive attitudes and behaviors. This program removes

        blocks. We even offer a "Test Drive" of this powerful program. We all like to "test

        drive" a car before we make a major investment.


If you are not performing up to your capability as a salesperson, you would probably benefit from one of these two signature programs, the "STARS" Bootcamp for B2C Sales or Patternology Solutions. To help you determine which of our signature programs would be best for you, just fill out the brief form in the right column of this page and we will email you a free Full Potential Survey (FPS). Filling out a Full Potential Survey will quickly identify which areas need the most work.


Also, read the two articles here on our site entitled "How Do We Help Salespeople?" and "Eliminating Invisible Blocks." These articles will also help you decide which of the two signature programs would be most appropriate for you, learning new techniques and systems or identifying and eliminating self-limiting attitudes and behaviors. If you are still not sure which program would benefit you most, then give us a call or schedule an Initial Consultation. 



After you finish an Initial Consultation you have four options:


1) Do nothing. That is perfectly OK. You don't buy every car you test drive;

2) Based on the insights you received during the Initial Consult you may feel you can now

     handle the situation yourself;

3) You may decide to work with a traditional coach, counsellor or therapist;

4) You may decide to work with us.


To make arrangements for your free Initial Consultation use the form in the right column of this page. In case you would like to talk with someone before setting up an Initial Consultation, our toll-free phone number is 1-866-TED LANE (833-5263) 


 In either case we look forward to speaking to you soon.


B. Ted Lane, Patternologist






B Ted Lane's Core Philosophy

My philosophy of transformation is that five years from now you will be the same person you are today, except for three things:

  1. The old unproductive attitudes & behaviors you identify & then eliminate;
  2. The new attitudes & behaviors you discover and internalize;
  3. The new people with whom you develop mutually beneficial relationships.


Do you really want to change your life? We can help! All of our  programs involve a combination of these three transformational activities. 


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